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  1. ROT

    • Solved by: momorientes, exco, ttb, makefu
    • Author First Part: momorientes
    • Author Second Part: makefu


    We got a raw-socket ip and port and when connecting to it we received an ASCII clob. After cracking the code you have to send the passcode back within 2 seconds.

    The == at the end ...

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  2. Crack me

    • Solved by: exco, ttb, makefu
    • Author: momorientes

    QlpoOTFBWSZTWTxSmOAAAAsJAF/gOwAgADEAAAiZMNT0JbKzhCQcyQtA2gNbvXgSvxdyRThQkDxSmOA= was the only information avaliable.
    The trailing = is always a good hint for base64, so we'll try that:

    echo -n QlpoOTFBWSZTWTxSmOAAAAsJAF/gOwAgADEAAAiZMNT0JbKzhCQcyQtA2gNbvXgSvxdyRThQkDxSmOA= | base64 -d                                
                    _à; 0Ôô%²³[½x¿rE8P<R

    While this might look like ...

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