for1 USB Dump

  • Solved by: momorientes, makefu
  • Author: makefu

Finding the needle in the haystack

We received an dump file which was loadable via wireshark. The dump looks like some usb-traffic between a computer and a USB-SATA Hard Disk.

Normally it is a good idea to sort traces by size as bigger packets normally contain interesing data. URB_BULK packages contain actual transfer data from the disk. After looking around we remembered that at the beginning of the ctf (the website was still offline) we got told that the flag format is Pwnium{md5}.

A quick -> ctrl-f -> string -> pwnium -> Packet bytes -> Pwnium revealed what we were looking for. That was easy!


Besides that, there were quite a lot of nice finds in the dump:

  • Packet 860: Mac OS X - This resource fork intentionally blank left
  • Packet 854: Riot Games
  • Packet 116: EPORT~1PDF

The original Dump File