1. Be a Robot

    • Solved by: makefu


    First of all, this is a post-mortem solution for pwn200 as we failed to finish it within ctf time both because the challenge was offline alot of the time and that we were not experienced enough to find a solution.

    The challenge was to elevate privileges ...

  2. ROT

    • Solved by: momorientes, exco, ttb, makefu
    • Author First Part: momorientes
    • Author Second Part: makefu


    We got a raw-socket ip and port and when connecting to it we received an ASCII clob. After cracking the code you have to send the passcode back within 2 seconds.

    The == at the end ...

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  3. Crackme Fast

    • Solved by: ttb,exco,makefu
    • Writeup Author: makefu


    We got an url, and are being told to return the password of the crackme in 3 seconds to

    Analyse what we've got

    at first, look what we receive:

    $ curl ...
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  4. Crack me

    • Solved by: exco, ttb, makefu
    • Author: momorientes

    QlpoOTFBWSZTWTxSmOAAAAsJAF/gOwAgADEAAAiZMNT0JbKzhCQcyQtA2gNbvXgSvxdyRThQkDxSmOA= was the only information avaliable.
    The trailing = is always a good hint for base64, so we'll try that:

    echo -n QlpoOTFBWSZTWTxSmOAAAAsJAF/gOwAgADEAAAiZMNT0JbKzhCQcyQtA2gNbvXgSvxdyRThQkDxSmOA= | base64 -d                                
                    _à; 0Ôô%²³[½x¿rE8P<R

    While this might look like ...

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  5. for1 USB Dump

    • Solved by: momorientes, makefu
    • Author: makefu

    Finding the needle in the haystack

    We received an dump file which was loadable via wireshark. The dump looks like some usb-traffic between a computer and a USB-SATA Hard Disk.

    Normally it is a good idea to sort traces by size as bigger packets ...

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